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Short changing customers: why should customers sacrifice their peso because stores don't have change?
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Posted by :  TCEP
Posted on :  June 1, 2012

Last night I went to Sbarro and after making a purchase, I should have received 183 pesos in change. They only had a single one peso coin, so he cashier asked me if it was ok that she gave me just 181 pesos in change.

See, it was not OK. When short-changing reaches at least 1 peso, there is a psychological shift that happens within me that tells me it is NOT ok versus, say, short-changing me 25 cents. There's a lot I could do with a peso: I could get a small pack of biscuit or three pieces of candy. < Read more >

Manual/offline transactions using credit cards: Companies can (and should) process your payments in the absence of a card terminal
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Posted by :  TCEP
Posted on :  April 21, 2012

Over the weekend, I needed to visit Mercury Drug to make a purchase. The total came to just over 2,500 pesos and so I gave them my American Express card. In most stores, not every credit card terminal accepts AMEX cards and in most cases it is just the BDO terminal that does. At this store, I was out of luck because the power cable for their terminal was frayed and they could not process the card I sadly replied that it was the only card that I was carrying and that they should just do a manual transaction. A manual, or offline, transaction is done by calling the credit card merchant account provider (or BDO in this case) and saying the following:

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