Philippine Airports: if it's mandatory, why do we need to line-up separately for travel tax?
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Posted by :  TCEP
Posted on :  June 4, 2012

A few days ago I left Manila via NAIA terminal 1. I was flying with Qatar Airways and I remember that last time I flew out (with PAL) I needed to line up separately at the travel tax section to pay the 1K-odd fee. I asked the check-in guy if I needed to pay for the travel tax before he would issue me a boarding pass, to which he answered no, my travel tax is already included as one of the items I paid for under my ticket.

This got me thinking, everybody needs to pay this tax, right? I then don't understand why some airlines can charge it under the total plane fare, while some airlines still require people to stand in line for it. If it's mandatory, it makes total, absolute sense to include the travel tax in ALL plane fares regardless of airlines or travel class. < Read more >

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