Jollibee Breakfast Crew Superstars
Tags :  Food service, Retail, Services
Posted by :  TCEP
Posted on :  June 1, 2012

I often have breakfast at Jollibee CyberOne in Eastwood City. Between 9am to 11am, the lines can get quite long I guess because of the call centers in the building, people ending their shifts are maybe grabbing their last meal or what..... < Read more >

Short changing customers: why should customers sacrifice their peso because stores don't have change?
Tags :  Food service, Retail, Services
Posted by :  TCEP
Posted on :  June 1, 2012

Last night I went to Sbarro and after making a purchase, I should have received 183 pesos in change. They only had a single one peso coin, so he cashier asked me if it was ok that she gave me just 181 pesos in change.

See, it was not OK. When short-changing reaches at least 1 peso, there is a psychological shift that happens within me that tells me it is NOT ok versus, say, short-changing me 25 cents. There's a lot I could do with a peso: I could get a small pack of biscuit or three pieces of candy. < Read more >

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